Frequently Asked Questions

What we need to know for quoting!

These are the questions we will need answered in order to provide you with a prompt and accurate quote.

Is the part aluminum?

While we are able to clean steel parts, running them through our anodizer will destroy them. 

What type of aluminum are you using?

 Different series of aluminum will anodize at different rates and have completely different finishes after anodizing. 

Have the parts had any other processing done to them?

Anything from pre-cleaning, bead or sand blasting, sanding, or even paint removal. It is better to let us know so we can properly process your parts. 

What type of anodizing do you require?

We do two types of suphuric anodizing at Graves. Type II & Type III. 

If you are unsure what your part requires contact us and we will gladly help you figure it out. 

Do your parts require colouring?

We offer a wide variety of colours at Graves. Just let us know what you are looking for and we will try to meet your needs. 

What are the parts dimensions?

 We require this to know how many parts we can run at one time and if they will fit in our tanks.  

How many parts do you have for anodizing?

This will affect the turnaround time and how many runs will be required to finish the job.

Racking Area?

We need to make a solid contact with your part in order to anodize it properly. Please let us know where acceptable racking areas are on your part. 

Are there any critical surfaces or dimensions on your part?

These are areas on your parts that may have strict tolerances or need to be free of marks after anodizing (ie. racking marks)

Do your parts require masking?

Masking areas may be a simple as plugging a hole to be free of anodizing or a labour intensive process that involves chem film, taping and or laquireing. 

Masking is charged by the hour depending on the complexity required and we cannot guarantee success with more complex methods. 

Same day service?

While same day service is available we do require 48 hours notice prior to the parts showing up and may reserve the right for an additional fee to be placed on the job if our schedule has to be rearranged to fit in same day processing. 

Please let us know if you have any questions on our processes or quality control methods.